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...We trust DesignerMark implicitly and cannot thank him enough for the 'wow' he just always seems to pull out of his back pocket.

Jonathan Cattell, Director, Genius Potential Ltd

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Branding and corporate identity

A great logo can completely transform the success of your business. A well considered logo and brand can be an incredibly powerful asset.

Not only memorable, but they can become something that instantly evokes an emotional response to, and have deep faith in.


You can sell with confidence off the back of a great brand, and do so at premium prices!...

...but it all had to start somewhere... and successful products tend to get kick-started by a strong brand from launch. It is an often overlooked element of a new (or modernising) business, but as they say, a picture paints a thousand words. In the same way, a logo can help you speak to your customers without saying a word.

I have many years experience of matching a style to a subject and relevant audience. Particularly, if your brand is being developed in conjunction with a website, then DesignerMark can weave the whole concept together into something you will be proud of, and your customers will be captivated by.

Contact us for a no-obligation chat about your brand and how we can provide an amazing solution for your business.

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